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  Mitchell Adler
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Adler, born in Scarsdale, NY, moved to NYC when he was very young. As a formerly ranked junior in the ETA, he is very familiar with the region. He played in tournaments in the surrounding area as a junior and spent summers at the Brandt Lake Camp. Mitch said, “Returning to the Adirondacks is like returning home for him.”

Mitch has been a tennis pro for over 25 years. He was twice given the highest award by the USPTA on a sectional level. In 1999 he was named the winner of the Allen Henry USPTA Southern Professional of the Year Award in his 10th year as the pro at Goldsboro Country Club in North Carolina. Also, while at Goldsboro he was named a USTA Zonal Coach 7 years straight. In 1999, Adler was chosen as the new Director of Tennis for the Princess Anne Country Club, in Virginia Beach. One of the top 100 historical clubs in the USA, and under the Direction of Adler, PACC was awarded the USTA Tennis Club of the Year for the Mid-Atlantic Division of the USTA for 2001. In that same year, Adler was also named by the USPTA, as the Mid-Atlantic Professional of the Year. Thus, making Mitch one of a select few Tennis Professionals to win a sectional awards 2 times, and one of even fewer pros to win from 2 different divisions.

In 2007 Adler departed the Princess Anne Country Club, on a mission to become an even better teaching professional, and spend more time on court. This journey took Mitch as far away as China, where Adler worked with players of all levels and ages. Since then,

Adler has graced the courts at the New Haven Lawn Club, as the Guest Summer Professional. (Also a top 100 historic Tennis Club in the USA.) 

In a quest for further knowledge spent a special season in the Hampton’s, working with India's Tennis Master Happy Bhalla,

Journeyed to the top of the mountain, as the guest Summer Professional at the Wintergreen Resort, VA.( The top rated resort for Tennis Families in 2011)

Adler, was also the Director of Tennis for the Tennis Club of Riverdale back in 2007-2008, where he directed a Junior program of over 450 kids. Adler finally moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2011 to Direct  the Eugene Swim and Tennis Club.  "While loving the West Coast, my kids and father are on the East Coast so time to come home," Adler stated.

Adler has been a featured Speaker at all of the Major National Tennis Conventions, covering a variety of topics both on and off court. “As a former sportscaster the speaking came easy for me, and allowed me to make connections with the top coaches and minds in the industry.” Adler continued, “Connections that have grown over time, still connecting weekly to share and discuss new ideas.”

His work as a sportscaster that started back in 1987  allowed him to meet and interview several star athletes: Lee Trevino and Michael Jordan among them. Early on, he

got some insight to what makes a champion and how hard they work to stay there.  It later helped his tennis coaching in many ways, as great athletes all achieve optimal performance through different methods and philosophies. I have often reflected back to what I learned watching these great athletes and the many other covered, and used that knowledge to help myself both as a player and later as a coach, to help my students reach their peak performance.

As a true educator, Adler explores many options to find the best method for teaching each student, as he believes no two players learn exactly the same way. His lessons are fun and upbeat, his energy level unmatched. So book early times will go fast. This is going to be a great year for GFTSC Tennis!

Mitch will be joined by his wife of 21 years Christina, and their 9 year old son Lucas, who will not be far away from the courts. The Adler’s have a 21 year old daughter Gabrielle, and an 18 year old son Nicholas. We hope they will visit.

 You can reach Mitch personally at:  541-914-1728 or at: adco664@gmail.com or follow Mitch Adler on facebook







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